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 Story & Photo Submission Permissions

  • Rights Holder grants the Publisher rights to use the story or photo(s), including without limitation the right to publish and distribute the story or photo(s) in printed and digital form without further compensation.
  • Rights Holder warrants that he or she is the sole and exclusive creator or owner of the photo(s).
    1. Rights Holder’s right to execute this agreement is complete and unencumbered.
    2. The photo(s) has/have not been previously published, and no license with respect to the photo(s) are outstanding.
  • Rights Holder holds harmless and indemnifies the Publisher against any liability, whether under judgment, decree or compromise, and against any reasonable legal fees and expenses arising from that claim or action; and Rights Holder will cooperate fully in any defense that Publisher may make to such claim or action. Rights Holder will cooperate in any claim or other action seeking to protect or enforce any right that Rights Holder has granted to Publisher.
  • If story or photo(s) is/are used for any purpose, Rights Holder will receive due credit.

Submissions made to, or to Volante Farms in any physical or digital form will be held to these permissions. Your submission constitutes acceptance of these terms, if you do not accept these terms please contact Volante Farms within 30 days of submission to clarify.