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    The holiday is upon us and everyone is trying to get loose ends tied up. In case that end is your need for a fantastic apple pie recipe, maybe you should revisit the recipes from our 2009 apple pie baking contest winners. Tested and approved by tasters you can trust.

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    Christmas time is one of the favorites at Volante’s for at least one simple reason, the teamwork. While most of the year is divided between the field, the greenhouses and the retail stand, Christmas brings everybody together for one huge purpose. That purpose boils down to moving tons upon tons of evergreens in tree, branch, and wreath form off of trucks and into the Holiday setup.

    We spent the rest of the weekend working on getting those trucks emptied, and there are just a few small loads to go.

    After the initial unloading of trees, we split up again to unwrap and price them. Every single tree at our farm gets the quality control treatment and is priced accordingly by its shape, color, and ultimate perfectness.In other words, we make sure each one gets one of these:

    By the way, we open Friday at 9 AM. Maybe you want one of our hand decorated wreaths? They’ll be ready then along with all of our poinsettias and trim a tree in the new greenhouse. Be sure to allow extra time to take in the new layout.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    and the geese are getting fat, eating the remnants of corn out in the field. Meanwhile we have been hard at work transforming the greenhouse over for its brand new, never before seen Holiday Experience. Today, the first trailer load of trees rolled into the lot in the pouring rain and our stalwart crew was prepped for it.

    This is what just shy of a thousand trees looks like in a downpour. And waiting to be unloaded.

    The first day of trees is always a shock, the smell of all that fir being so foreign at first. In a few days we won’t notice it again. After a muddy, dripping, sweaty morning the skies opened to some blue and a rather late-summer like day.

    It went pretty well today, several hundred Frasier Firs are now unwrapped, priced, piled and ready for display. Spirits are high, and only three (or four) more trucks to go. Feel free to wave on your way by this weekend, and otherwise we will see you Friday for the big decorating push.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    Holiday Tasting
    We care about you so much, we are running special events even when we are out of town. Please feel free to come down this Saturday to enjoy a tasting with Needham’s own Neponset Winery. They recently closed their retail outlet in town and we are happy to provide them the space to get all of our loyal customers together for a pre-holiday tasting. Click on the link for more info, and please come enjoy.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    CIMG2164We miss you guys too. Despite the amazing weather, we are in fact still closed for the season. The fields certainly show it, here a few broccoli, beets and carrots soldier on.

    With our first week of off season work under our belts, it is certainly hard to get used to the quiet. Of course we know it will only last for a little while. We have a few short weeks to take delivery of all of our Christmas trees and decorative items and get everything ship shape for the holiday season.

    We are especially excited to announce that for the first time we will be operating our Christmas Season from our heated greenhouse! This will be a welcome change for our cashiers and wreath decorating teams for sure, and we think you shoppers might enjoy a respite from the cold as well. With the new setup we are sure to have some glitches and confusion about where things are and the most efficient way to help you out, normal growing pains. Just bear with us as we sort it all out, it isn’t so easy to change decades of ingrained design.

    Be sure to keep tabs with us here too, I’ll do my best to help us all sort through. We can’t wait to see you again, November 27th is right around the corner. Until then enjoy this summer like heat.

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