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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    Don’t forget, we will be closed the 4th and 5th of July next week, so plan your shopping accordingly!

    We will be open our regular Saturday hours of 9-6 on the 3rd and reopen Tuesday at 9 am.

    Today was a day of more firsts for the year! The Broccoli crop sent in its first 4 bushels of huge beautiful crowns. We will be picking them every other day for the next several weeks to months, so that is some wonderful news to share. We also have some of our fancy beets on the stand again, Touchstone gold, Blankoma white, and Chioggia striped in addition to our great traditional red ones. And as everything else is speeding along this summer, blueberries are already ripening up, we picked a few yesterday afternoon, and more will be trickling in soon. As they are in season we will try to have local berries whenever we don’t have enough of our own, so don’t worry about that.

    You might have also noticed our homegrown Fava beans on the stand this weekend, amid the peas and green beans. Don’t miss out on that very short season! Pickling cukes are continuing to pour in and we picked our first honest to goodness cucumbers on Saturday as well. Not to give too much away but there is a rumor that Connecticut corn will be arriving later this week, which I am sure you know means that ours is right around the bend as well.

    Additionally, Customer Appreciation Day is coming up on July 10th. The grand day when we encourage you to gorge on the free samplings of our many vendors. We are in the process of lining it all up now so mark your calendars, and come down hungry.

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    Not content with the successful and, might I add, ongoing huge plant sale, Teri has called in the cavalry. If, and I mean if, what you wanted for your home garden was not here, not on our benches, not in the houses, not already crawling its way into your car, stop on by and give us another chance.

    We just got in all of these fresh annuals and perennials today and spent some quality time culling through our stock. With literally thousands of annuals and perennials new this week, there is still no excuse for you entering summer in a drab and dreary mood at home. At least consider picking up a sharp red white and blue petunia planter or mixed perennial pot to give your place some curb appeal for the upcoming holiday weekend. Or get you favored guest status from the host at that weekend barbeque.

    Also in the stand, we are bringing in zucchini and summer squash by the bucketload. I threw some of this yellow zucchini in my stir fry tonight, and it made the meal. Oh and as a special treat for you blog readers, hidden between the lines, we finally brought some sugar snap peas out of the field today, but only two bushels so get on down early tomorrow as it will be a while yet before the next ones are ready. Regular peas are going strong and they will be around all week, and the corn countdown will begin soon. Get your cob holders and community butter dishes dusted off.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    New to us, colorful local chicken eggs from Morning Beckons Farm in Uxbridge, MA. A very exciting addition to our refrigerator chest.

    Thank goodness that storm rolled in today. we were getting desperate for a little rainfall. Well, not desperate, it has just saved us a little more work in the irrigation department this week, so that is a good thing.

    Hey all you Fathers! Did you get what you wanted? Some tomato plants to fuss over? Some climbing perennials to shade your hammock? Maybe that strawberry rhubarb pie, all to yourself?

    No? It can still be fixed. Send them down, have them talk to us. We’ll make it right, remind them how you deserve it and tell them to add 20% as a late fee. A good father teaches financial lessons too!

    Aside from that plenty is happening in the produce department. We are picking beans: green, wax and “sometimes” Romano. I know how much you love those Romanos, a good reason to watch our twitter feed. Early birds will get the beans after all.

    The last crop of peas is ripening quickly, we are fighting the red-winged blackbirds who seem to prefer them on the young side of ripe, but hopefully we can keep them at bay. Those should start to come in mid-week.

    We are finished picking our spring onions and are now pulling our regular scallions. Another new type this year, from Japan, and they seem very robust if currently on the small side. We pulled a few carrots this weekend as well, but were not impressed with the size. Going to give them a few more days to soak up some of the rain. Also enjoying the rain are our beets, which we have graduated to from beet greens as well this weekend.

    Our foray into red spinach is done until the fall and cooler weather, but to keep you in oddball greens we are picking our favorite baby bok choy again. We are temporarily between lettuce crops, with only a little homegrown available now, but we should start into the next one later this week. In the meantime we got our hands on some great Massachusetts grown lettuce for you, so they will still be local greens on your plate. We also have plenty of greenhouse grown baby greens to get you through the week on.

    Summer squash and zucchini have really started performing, and we picked our first batch of pickling cucumbers this morning. Blueberries have started to ripen up on the hill. I was able to eat a few today without puckering, but it will still be a little while yet. So for the most part, early summer is upon us and I guess it is just in the nick of time. Soon we will be talking fava beans, broccoli, and we’ll get over our commitment issues with the carrot crop.

    Swamp can't believe all we've got to offer this week. Will you be as amazed by the beans as he is?

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    We have noticed a change over in the fields this past week. Spring produce is on the wane, summer vegetables are picking up. We are bringing in the beginnings of homegrown summer squash and zucchini. Enjoy it now while it’s still a fresh idea. We all know it will be old hat in no time.

    Also green and wax beans are rolling in. If you got any of the first pick Provider beans over the last few days you know what I mean when I say they are really amazing. If a green bean can be sweet, these are, and crisp and beautiful too. It is nice to see the payoff from all the work to push these crops to come earlier by covering them in the late winter.

    Can’t wait to get some photos of the corn up here. It’s enjoying the early bolt of heat as well, far surpassing knee-high by even June 15th forget 4th of July.

    The strawberries are slowing down. The wet weather certainly is speeding up their decline, but with the heat expected tomorrow and the next there should be a good strong last gasp.

    Peas are in a state of pause. Sugar snaps are close (as ever, they seem to be taunting us a bit). The next crop of Spring have podded up and should fill up fast in the sun. Then we should continue to pick through July 4th.

    Verdant. These fields are verdant. Beans in the foreground, then lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers, the crew weeding the peas, and strawberries on the horizon.

    We are picking our pesticide free baby greens in the greenhouse again: arugula, lettuce, and a new spicy mustard mix. Let us know what you think of it!

    Additionally, the greenhouse sale is still going on and the stand is bringing in new additions to the grocery all the time.

    We are excited to introduce Clear Flour Bakery of Brookline’s bread every day. We are currently carrying a rustic loaf, and hope to expand to other selections quickly.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    These “ahem” May flowers may have brought us June showers, but it is nothing we aren’t used to working around. So the good news is that for all of you who have been dragging and lagging on the yard work, you have waited us out to our huge summer plant sale. All the little plants in the greenhouse are itching reaching and begging to be put out to stretch grow and flourish in your yard. So much so that they won’t even mind having their costs slashed by up to 30% and more. All six-pack, four-pack, window box plants, geraniums and hangers of all types and sizes have had their prices cut. It’s time to start clearing our shelves to make room for more summer greens; which by the way we started harvesting this week: baby arugula and a new spicy mustard mix is available as well.

    4 & 6 pack flowers are now just $1.99. and the beautiful 14 and 16 inch moss hanging baskets of single and mixed flowers have been reduced by $10 each.

    If you have been holding out for any reason, this weekend is the time to come by. Graduation parties, summer weddings, 4th of July bbq’s; this is the time to beautify and you can do it quickly with mature and blooming plants, ready to wow your friends and neighbors, while you take the credit.

    Wildlife and Hawk Update: since I received so many questions about our friend the hawk from last week, just an update: he is still around, every morning and many afternoons. He seems to be averaging a chipmunk every other day, which while at times gruesome, is very impressive. He is very comfortable with us in the field and happy to sit within 10 feet as long as we don’t bother his hunt. It has been great, we have a strong biological control program at work outside the greenhouses as well now, and it is self-sustaining. This week has seen the hatching of two more Kildeer nests, some Robin chicks, and visits from a young deer, a large turkey, and enough groundhogs to go around. If you bring the kids down to look at the fields and the tractors, keep an eye out as there is a lot more going on around here than just the veggies it seems.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    With a crazy weekend behind us and a beautiful week before us, just a quick update on what’s going on. The rough weather of the past week has left us with a few changes. We have certainly re-filled our rain water collection tank for greenhouse watering, so that is a plus. And any of the crops that were getting a bit desperate around the edges have had their rightful drink. We were very lucky that it seems all of our crops survived the deluges so far. The next round of peas and lettuce were certainly getting their feet wet longer than we would like, but hopefully we re-ditched the field fast enough to promote quick drainage. Nothing like too much water to aid summertime disease in your vegetable garden. Take note for your home garden as well, make sure all your plants have got plenty of breathing room and aren’t sitting in any puddles of water.

    We think we took some sort of lightning strike early Saturday morning, which has, it seems, toasted the wiring of the new greenhouse’s computer as well as some of our incoming phone lines. So if you have trouble reaching us or you notice something a bit wonky as the roof of the greenhouse jerks up and down, we apologize. A few more days and we hope to be back on track, but it may take us longer to get to the phone than we like, and voice-mail isn’t a guaranteed success either right now, but this will be short-lived.

    Our daily red-tailed hawk visitor, perched on the weather station between wind speed and direction, and directly on the precipitation monitor.

    In the meantime the crops are being watched over from our red-tailed friend. You will likely notice him in the mornings. He likes to start the day perched on the weather station, as seen here, on the back left corner of the greenhouse. Then as things heat up and the roof opens wide he hops onto the edge for a little higher view. Our friend is doing an excellent job of keeping the chipmunks and rodents in check, which is saving more zucchini for you in the near future.

    We have started picking Romaine lettuce this week, as well as a new type of red-veined spinach. Early reports compare it to a chard-ier version of spinach, if you know what I mean. Peas are still coming in, though there may be a break here and there between the first couple varieties, luck will likely fall to the frequent shoppers in that sense. Strawberries are showing no signs of slowing down, after a few disappointing berry years this new crop is really a pleasure.

    In the greenhouses potted geraniums have gone on sale. Pansies are still on half price. New deliveries are showing up regularly. If you have been holding out on your vegetable gardening now is the time to grab some tomatoes and peppers while there is still some variety available. We have planted most of our season long crops in the field by now and they are thriving. Just pumpkins and winter squash remain as soon as the water recedes. So if we are caught up, it means it is time for you to catch up.

    As an added incentive you might want to be reminded that along with produce comes all the treats, including Ever So Humble pies again. this year we have already sampled and loved two new pies: BlueBarb (blueberry & rhubarb) and Black & Blue (berries). The first is a perfectly balanced dessert sure to please. The latter is a berry extravaganza for the crowd with a sweet (and just a hint of sour) tooth.

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    So, many of you have been enjoying the fruits of an early spring for the last few days, as the strawberries have been available in the stand already. Now I am pleased to report we made the complete switch to your favorite summertime produce center again this week. Pardon our mess as we did it, it can be quite the feat to successfully empty out an entire building and replace all its contents while still open for business. All worth it in the end, because we have an awesome array of homegrown vegetables already in the stand. Additionally, the pies, salsas, salad dressings, spicy mustards and trappist preserves are all back as well, so get your picnics in order. We have plenty of strawberries and peas to go around and some wonderful greens and herbs for early summer salads. Radishes, scallions, and spinach are plentiful and of course we have rhubarb for those all important pies.

    New summer hours:

    Monday- Friday 9-6:30

    Saturday and Sunday 9-6

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