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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    The Greenhouse has finally seen the light and is raising its roof to meet the sun. Inviting, no?

    We can look at the lack of information lately in two ways. One is this wonderful spring weather, which means we haven’t had a whole lot going on. Or it could be that things are booming along so well we can’t keep up to update you. Okay really it is a mix of the two.

    The strawberries have loved the rain, now if they get a chance to dry out they can plump up and turn red for you in just a few weeks time.

    We have been getting so much rain it’s been hard to stay above ground while the mud seeps into our boots, but we’ve managed and we have even gotten a lot of plants in the ground this week.

    This unsightly view is the inside of the zucchini tunnel. We cover the squash and tomato crops with this row cover to help speed it along when sunny days do arrive.

    Broccoli and Brussels Sprouts went in over the weekend and the bulk of our tomatoes hit the beds on Monday. In between showers, summer squash and zucchini made it in and is looking pretty happy. So only a few more major crops to go, peppers and eggplant among them, and now we just need a few good dry days to make it happen.

    The first green beans of the year are looking good, healthy and lush under their cover in the field. The paper sheet drawn over them has kept them toasty the last few damp weeks, so they should take off with soon, the weeds too it appears.

    So what does all this mean? It means it is time to plant. If we can tramp around through acres of mud, you guys can too. I give you the go ahead. Come on down get your tomatoes, peppers, heck maybe some of those annual flowering numbers we love to sell you as well. There is a vast array of freshly arrived perennials, tropicals, and window box plants to attract the eye.

    Our newest trainee, Wily, is learning the ropes of goose patrol. Like all of our employees he is doing his best to learn to walk between the rows and not on the plants. I may need to spread the hot dog incentive plan to the rest of the crew.

    Memorial day is right around the corner, let’s meet it and the rest of summer with some full-fledged gardens alright? See you this weekend!

    Goose patrol heads home for the night, between the electric deer fence and future cucumber beds.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    We’ve been telling you to hold off for weeks now, telling you to keep your tender veggies safe and inside, but it seems even though the weather isn’t war at least it isn’t too cold. The Full Flower, or Milk, Moon is this week and that usually marks the last chance of frost for the season.

    The first crop of peas get a breath of fresh air, with a cultivation and a little food earlier this week. Spring hasn't been as fast as last year but it is still coming along. Few more weeks we might see blossoms then pods!

    We got our broccoli in the ground Saturday morning and were able to get our tomato beds ready to plant as well. We are usually pretty cautious with our tomatoes as they are such an important crop and we have already had them hardening off outside for a few days now. Once we set them out we will still take the extra precaution of covering them with slitted row cover which will aid against extra cold and help to heat them during the day, making those Early-girls even earlier.

    We will hopefully plant them as soon as it isn’t pouring rain or even more likely in between storms as long as we keep the plants fairly dry. Tomatoes don’t like to be handled when wet, so remember to water them after you plant them not before. After that we will continue with out other heat season crops: eggplant peppers squash and cucumbers. That means you have the go-ahead as well, if you haven’t picked up your favorite varieties yet now is the time to come down as selection will certainly get tighter and tighter as the season heats up. Especially if there is a particular heirloom tomato or hot pepper you are after.

    To determine what tomatoes are right for you this year, feel free to check out our tomato guide for inspiration:

    Tomato Guide

    And don’t forget to brush up on our Tomato Planting Tips while you are it.

    We have a few new to us heirlooms this year to add to our vast array. One is called Evergreen, And the name says it all, we don’t know yet if it will be a sweet but green fruit or if it will ripen to an more acidic “green tomato” better suited to relish and frying. That will be exciting to discover.
    We also have added German Red Strawberry tomatoes to the roster. Since Orange Strawberry tomatoes have been so popular it made sense to try this red version.
    It is strawberry in shape but we expect it to be more on the large size, or at least that of a regular tomato.
    We have likewise added two new small salad tomatoes. One is Red Pearl, an award winning grape tomato in last years seed trials, we are hoping it improves on the Red Olive we have been growing for years, always a big producer but lacking some of the sweetness consumers have come to expect in cherry tomatoes.

    We are also offering a very limited amount of our very own mini-plum tomato. A chance seedling a few years ago in our field created this super flavor-packed plum, with the shape of an extra large grape. We have continued to grow it after successfully harvesting seed that first year and have really enjoyed it ini out home sauces and on the stand. If you know it you may want to try your own this year.

    We have stuck with our traditional varieties on most of our other veggie transplants this year. We have added a few new peppers including one hot and one sweet. We are offering a few Serrano hot chiles and are trying a new sweet Red Apple Pepper. Both will be field trials for us and you’re welcome to try them yourself, we can compare notes in a few months!

    Want Fries with that? These potatoes are forming already, ready in mere weeks for your summer garden.

    What else is new in the realm of vegetable gardens this year? Well we are pleased to offer pre-started potato plants. People have been asking us about growing their potatoes in containers for a few years so we looked into it and found some great options from Grimes. Container gardening is especially ideal for potatoes in a situation where space is limited or soil quality is questionable.

    Want to know more about our potatoes? Click here to watch a video from the seed provider.

    We have started potatoes in small pots and large patio pots so that you could potentially be harvesting poatotes on your back porch by the end of June. The few we have pulled up are already showing the makings of small spuds. We have yellow, red, and purple potatoes ready for you in the greenhouse so consider making your own chips this summer.

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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    Hopefully you are already on our email list, and have been getting regular updates about the goings on down here at the farm. Being subscribed to that is the best way for us to reach you with important news and reminders. Our email subscribers received a nice treat in their inboxes this week and we wouldn’t want any of you to miss out, so if you haven’t signed up yet, send us an email at and we will take care of you as well. OK, one more hint: it has a $ in it, and who doesn’t love those?

    The blog is an important way for us to make info available to you when you are looking, but the email list gives us an opportunity to let you know about changes in hours and special events you might have otherwise missed. And as we are embarking on our huge renovation plan this summer we want to make sure you are in the loop and getting the real and up to date news.

    But now, rather than take up any more time with the business end of things, Azaleas and Rhodies are blooming like gangbusters and the array of perennials and annuals that are smashing their color around is growing daily. So enjoy them in this slide show while you contemplate whether any of them will be making your mother’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. We are open 8:30-6:30 Saturday and 8:30-6 on Sunday.


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    Posted by Volante Farms in Theme Additions on

    This Sunday is Mother’s Day!

    This is your first reminder of what will be several. But this would be a good time to hit the print button on your computer and paste a copy of this somewhere you can trip over it for the next few days. Don’t forget. You know what happens then. It’s not good.

    Impatiens in GH #8 are all popping at once.

    Likewise, maybe you are a mother who needs help dropping hints. Don’t be cagey. Print this out, or forward as an email, but let your family know what you would LOVE to have this Spring. Is it a stunning hanging Ivy Geranium or Fuchsia hanger? Those are both classic Mother’s Day gifts. Or maybe an extravagant mixed basket that you can’t splurge on on your own? Would you love to have a head start on your vegetable garden, some sturdy lettuce greens or herbs?

    Bermuda Beach Petunias, beautiful, full and bursting with color in hanging baskets. Maybe this is something you'd like to see this weekend?

    Be sure to let them know, we are going to see a lot of dads and kids down here this week who would love to have a clue how to make your day. Take a moment to scroll back through some of our recent photos on here and see what is growing to your liking. Or even better check out our Facebook page which has the easiest method available to let people know what you like, as there are dozens of currently blooming plants on there in our photo albums. Your kids are on Facebook right?

    Turning over corn ground for another year at Greenway's field

    In other news, we broke ground on the Greenway’s field off Charles River St this week. It is about time to get our next corn in the ground, which is exciting. It means that there is already corn-growing well under way. Also we are starting to get a handle on the new asparagus crop which will be going in over there to expand our produce season a little earlier into the spring. We are still trying to figure out which parts of the new field want to remain underwater and which want to get some work done.

    This field will host our newly established asparagus crop someday. Some drier day.

    We have been giving a little fertilizer to the berry crops to get them revved up and we have put up deer fence and bird deterrents around the peas for protection from the wandering wildlife.

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