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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    And finally come back round with something to show for it! First pick of HOMEGROWN Asparagus this afternoon made for a wonderful warm day out in the field. We didn’t find much more than  10 pounds or so, but it means that we have begun the real spring harvest finally!

    Purple Asparagus popping up

    We will not have it everyday just yet, but it will start to come in heavier and heavier over the next several weeks. We should have some available by the weekend for you.

    Additionally we harvested some over-winter carrots today, which while not much in the size category, have a pretty sweet and crisp flavor to them. They will be available on the stand by the pound tomorrow.

    So that’s it for just now, Asparagus and Carrots, but so much more is on the way! We are seeing signs of spring peas popping up, as well as early radish, spinach, beets, turnips and more.

    Radishes Reaching Out

    Over the next month we will urge those out of the field and on to the stand to get some of that local flavor back on your salad plate.

    Loose, Over Wintered, Topped Carrots. Pretty Sweet Considering.

    Perfect time to be thinking about setting out some of your early crops as well. In addition to those mentioned above we have put out lettuce, corn, beans and we even planted our first ever crop of Horseradish. Another season extender, this perennial crop should make a nice bed of spicy roots for our winter roast beef platters and occasional Bloody Marys.

    Scallions Spring Forth

    Horseradish in Hand

    While you plan out your vegetable garden, we invite you to stop by this weekend for our penultimate Spring Gardening Workshop. Lynne will be veering away from vegetables and toward the dark. the dark corners of your yard and what to put in those shady corners to brighten up the summer nights. There has been a lot of talk about varying up the standard Impatiens planting this season and she will go into some of the reasons as well as some of the annuals we are suggesting as alternatives. Show up for this free 10 am talk and get some inspiration as well as a coupon for 10 % off your purchase for the day. No registration required.

    Impatiens and Alternative Shade Annuals will be the featured topic of this Saturday’s Workshop.

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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    Happy Earth Day everyone! Hopefully you have had the chance to get out and enjoy the crisp often sunny day we are having, and if not there are still a few more hours of daylight to take advantage!

    We as always are happy to do our part to help the earth, having been stewards of our little part of it for almost a century now. This year we are working even harder to make changes for the better. We have found even more local growers and are delving even deeper into native plants, ones that are meant to grow in this area and that can thrive here, as well as be perfect accompaniments  to the wildlife and weather attributes of our ecosystem. Also you can know the plants you buy here have traveled a short distance to reach us if not having started out right here as a seed.

    If you want to liven up your Earth Week any, or if you just need a colorful respite after last week’s stress and excitement, stop by soon for some spring color, we have thousands of blooming perennials and annuals ready to be in your garden now, hardened off and temperature ready. See the assorted photos in this blog for inspiration and click the photo below to be taken to our Facebook gallery.

    The Ice Cream Stand is in the swing of things now. Hours are Monday through Thursday 11-7 and Friday through Sunday 11 -9. Thanks to everyone who stopped in this weekend. We were able to donate $454 to THE ONE FUND : Boston to aid the victims and affected families of last weeks tragic events. If you haven’t yet had a chance to donate please click the link below, and thank you again for helping by eating!

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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    The Ice Cream Stand is currently getting set up for tomorrow’s grand re-opening! Gallons upon gallons of fresh Crescent Ridge Dairy Ice Cream from Sharon MA are filling the freezers, and the crew is getting their scooping wrists back into shape. The Ice Cream Menu remains more or less the same, with one special and oft requested addition: The Kiddie Size!

    From now through this Sunday, April 21st, $1.00 of every Purchase from the ice cream stand will go directly to The One Fund Boston, to aid those affected by the tragic events during the Marathon.

    This weekend we are focusing on the upcoming planting season and preparing your yard for a years worth of beauty and good flavors.

    We are having our annual Free Soil Testing from 10 -3 on Saturday. Bring in a small sample or two from your lawn or gardens to see what sort of amendments might help them perform better. John Howell of the New England Vegetable and Berry Association will be here to analyze your samples and help point you in a growing direction, and we will be here to help you pick up the lime, bonemeal, acidic fertilizer or whatever he suggests to you!

    We grow up to 50 different Tomatoes in a year, come by on Saturday to learn a little about them and start planning your garden for next month when the plants are ready to put out!

    Saturday Morning Gardening Workshop

    Join us at 10 am with Bill Carlson as he brings decades of growing experience to your vegetable garden plan. With a focus on choosing and growing heirloom tomatoes, come enjoy his stories and tips for growing healthy tasty and sometimes beautiful tomatoes and vegetables. He’ll be in the greenhouse at 10 am and participants in the free workshop will receive a 10% off coupon toward their purchase Saturday.

    In the Farmstand we will have sampling with a few of our local partners:

     Saturday April 20th:
    High Lawn Farm Milk from Lee MA from 11:30am-3:30pm
    Nola Salsa from Jamaica Plain from 12pm – 2pm

    Sunday April 21st:
    Rae’s Muffins Sampling from 11:30am-2:30pm


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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    Not that the news has been slow, it is more that we have been getting that busy that you haven’t heard from me lately. The past couple weeks have had us putting up  a couple new greenhouses, filling every square foot of space with flowers and vegetables plants, putting plow to field and getting our general spring cleanup underway.

    Of course there has been the addition of the wine shop to the Farmstand as well as the return of homegrown produce: Spring Dug Parsnips. These sweet root treats have been a nice addition to the produce department and a few of the dishes from the kitchen these last few weeks. If you aren’t sure how you feel about parsnips give these a try, beautiful ans sweet when roasted or mashed, or pick up some of the roasted root vegetable trio or wheat berry stew in our prepared food department while they last.

    Pansy sales are going great, as well as spring forced daffodils and tulips. It seems we are well out of the woods on the heavy frost situation and we can feel pretty confident adding some color to the window boxes and around the mailboxes of our winter weary homes now. The forsythia seem to be ready to bloom out around town and that is a great sign that things are looking up, even if it is later than we are sometimes used to! It means it is a great time to stop in and check out all the great early and hardy color we have to offer in perennial and annual plants.


    An assortment of unique and interesting mushrooms now on the stand. Click through for close ups of our gallery on Facebook and stop in soon.

    Out in the field we saw the first glimpse of an Asparagus shoot this week, or at least the promise of one to come which means we will be thick with them in a few short weeks. This should be a real bumper crop this spring so we’ll get some recipes ready for you soon. In the meantime for some beautiful seasonal produce we have been bringing in a huge variety of mushrooms over the last two weeks, including rare beauties like Trumpet Royale and Hen of the Woods. Some are MA grown and others like the Yellow Chanterelle are even wild. We have also had some lovely young wild Ramps available  on the stand, a great garlicky addition to a spring dish.

    Our planting schedule is right on track. We got our first crop of spring Peas in the ground on Monday, followed by Corn on Thursday. We will cover both these crops to keep  them toasty and speed them up a little bit. This year’s Garlic is poking well above its mulch at this point as are the Strawberries. We will pull the salt marsh hay off these in the next weeks once frost fears have passed a little more.

    Strawberries peeking through

    We put seeds for  several other small crops in this week including Carrots, Beets, Swiss Chard, Spinach, Scallions, Onion Sets, Radish, Parsley, and Turnips. You would be safe to seed any of these yourself at this point and the seeds are here and ready to go as always, right by the pottery up in the Farmstand.

    Onion Sets: little Dutch Onions sitting in their furrow. These starts will grow to be our early spring scallions, the kind with the bulb on the bottom.

    We also transplanted the first small crop of lettuce into the field this week, though we are a little nervous about it. Should be fine though, I’m not really nervous, I take it back. It’s just lettuce right? We picked it through December after all.

    Cinnamon Ferns are a great native for our area.

    This weekend we have some great things going for you. The third of our Spring Gardening Workshops will kick off at 10 am. Free as always and attendees will get their 10% off coupon for participating. Beth will be talking about the use of native Perennials in your landscape. Natives are obviously suited to the growing conditions of our area and even though strong gardeners are able to squeeze the best out of ill-suited plants, it is certainly not a bad idea to start with one that is well suited. Beth will go over many popular and less well-known flowering and foliage additions you will be able to make to your garden this year from the nurseries of our trusted local perennial growing partners for and from New England.

    Wine Sampling again on Saturday. Stop by from 2-5 to try an assortment of delicious sustainable and bio-dynamic wines from Sonoma and Monterey, California.

    And then just this little tease:


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