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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    Yup, this the flood running through our greenhouses. But now we are fully put back together and the road gullies are repaired and open and ready to go as ever!

    Shall we say we were inspired by the flooding washout rains from earlier this week? Let’s call it this inspiration that has got water on our minds now. We are starting two new water based affiliations as a matter of fact.

    These yellow mushroom popped up in my garden containers after the rain, certainly showing things are finally saturated.

    We saw the arrival of our new Hydroponic Growing Chamber today. I don’t know much about this yet, but the 8 x 40 AquaHarvest Container was delivered on a trailer bed and ‘squeezed’ neatly between the barn and greenhouse #5. This will be our new go-to for baby greens, basil, and all sorts of leafy greens absolutely year round. We understand that the LED lights and aqueous solution the plants will grow under and in will produce a healthy, nutritious,and beautiful plant in as quick or quicker than our traditional growing methods. During the winter this is going to mean you are still getting super local and super fresh greens from our home to yours. The first harvest could be coming in by the end of the month as I understand it, so we’ll be letting you know more about it soon!

    This container will be providing bushels of fresh greens, energy efficiently and clean harvested before we know it!

    In other all-wet news, we are ready to offer an all-new way for you to complete your seafood acquisition right here at the farm. While we still offer a partnership with Cape Ann Fresh Catch on Mondays, which is a CFA where you purchase a share in advance and receive regular allotments of fresh caught fish of the day our new purveyors are from Jordan Brothers Seafood. They will set up in the farm stand every Thursday from 2-6 and sell assorted fish a la carte as well as have some shellfish available by pre-order for pickup. From Bobby Jordan:

    Jordan Brothers Seafood offers the freshest local seafood to the customers of Volante Farms. Jordan Brothers will be offering fresh Cod, Haddock and Flounder from Gloucester to Chatham. Fresh Day Boat Sea Scallops.  Fresh picked native Crabmeat.   Swordfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Halibut and Monkfish.  Seasonal favorites such as Bluefish and Striped Bass.   Shellfish from Rhode Island to PEI will be offered,  Oysters from Onset, Mussels from PEI, Steamers from Ipswich River and Littleneck Clams from the East Coast.  All these products are of the highest quality sourced by Jordan Brothers daily from local boats from local docks along the New England Coast. These products will be available, packaged nicely in a serving size, Thursdays 2:00PM until 6:00PM starting in September.  Please stop by and say hello.

    So they arrive for the first time tomorrow, September 5th,  and we expect to set them up near the Corn Table inside the farmstand. We hope that this additional opportunity for fresh and local seafood is something you are looking for in your shopping experience here at Volante Farms and that this partnership with Jordan Brothers serves your needs. Please stop by this week or next and check them out. Also if you are interested in the CFA from Cape Ann Fresh Catch we have some info at our registers but the best option is to check them out on the web here, their fall season begins on September 9th.

    So while we continue to dry out from last weekend, at least the receding waters are leaving some great new offerings in their wake.

    Oh and related to the season… Honeycrisp apples are if you hadn’t heard. Coming and going as fast as ever. Just a reminder not to be tunnel-visioned, while Honeycrisp are indeed the apple of the moment we have a dozen other varieties right now that are also worthy of your attention and dozens more on the way. Like this new variety for us the Gale Gala, a red gala apple from Brookdale Farms in Hollis NH.

    Gale Gala Apples

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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    So, I wrote this Saturday, before this morning’s deluge. we had a wee bit of flooding to interrupt the morning here, but all in all it seems like the crops will recover. Definitely had some washouts and some minor surprises but hopefully tomorrow we can get out and see how bad the mud really is. We certainly needed some of that rain. And now on with the regularly scheduled blog after a few wet photos:

    Water coursed across the parking lot, through the greenhouse, and into the back parking lot, unfortunately for our employees vehicles.

    These are some of our greenhouse cucumbers. We grow them in bags of soil on the floor of one of our big hoop houses. The water flooded so quickly it pushed them right out of the greenhouse door, a good 30 feet from their normal spot. Those bags are a lot heavier now too…

    L’Shana Tova!

    Hard not to feel like we are well into into fall with the week ahead of us. Labor Day weekend upon us, school back in session, and Rosh Hashanah by mid-week.

    Fall flavors have started to fill the stand:

    Early winter squashes like acorn, kabocha, delicata and sweet dumpling are available now. Butternut should be ready soon too.

    Parsnips are back again, not the biggest yet, but ready to find their place among the other roasted root veggies.

    And soon, look out for our newest crop, and a huge success! Leeks! We’ve been wanting to try them for years and finally got around to it, and lo and behold we did alright. It’s a small test plot so grab them while they last.

    The Field Crew is pretty proud of our first Leek harvest


    Pumpkin beer and fall fest tastes have invaded the summer shandy laced beer department, here are notes from Steve on what’s new on the porch:

    Guten Tag! Or gluten tag, you’re it…

    Fall beer is here and I’m thrilled…since I spend 10 months out of the year waiting for the onslaught of malty orange goodness that is fall beer. We’ve got a great lineup of local and not so local fall flavors. In the traditional “Oktoberfest” style we have some great offerings from Jack’s Abby (their Oktoberfest called “Copper Legend” is one of the best I’ve ever had), Sam Adams, Wachusett, Narragansett, Peak Organic and a couple others. We like to keep our beer as local as the rest of our products but for the Fall months we thought it might be a good idea to source some beers from Germany, where they know a thing or two about brewing the stuff, so expect to see them in the next couple of weeks. Beyond the traditional style we’ve loaded up on some less conventional tastes as well, namely Pumpkin. While I don’t normally advocate non-beer flavors invading my stein, there are a couple exceptions when the timing is just right. Cold fall nights and pumpkin beers by the fire pit go together like Dunkel-Weiss and Schnitzel. We are currently carrying squash spiked beers from Shipyard, Dogfish, Curious Shandy, and Southern Tier’s famous Pumpking, an imperial stout with pumpkin added. There are a bunch of other new releases for the fall like Baxter Brewing’s Hayride and Peak Organic’s Fall Summit, but there are more than I have time to list here so definitely come by and take a look, we’ve got beers for every palate. Speaking of, next week we should see the release of the sought after Field Mouse Farewell from Pretty Things, which I think is Ryan’s favorite beer.

    Thanks Steve, and he’s right that is one of my favorites, you’ll have to fight me for that Field Mouse.


    Back in the VF kitchen, Todd and team have put together a selection of sides to make this seemingly early Rosh Hashanah holiday a little easier to pull off if you are attempting to go a little more traditional than a BBQ themed holiday. Check out the refrigerator case for these seasonal specials and talk to Todd with any questions. You can always contact him on our Facebook or on twitter @volantefarmchef.

    • Matzo Ball Soup

    • Applesauce

    • Noodle Kugel

    • Roasted Beets with Horseradish

    • Mashed yams with Pomegranate

    • Herb Chicken with Honey Roasted Apples and Parsnips

    • Steamed Green Beans

    • Roasted Carrots

    • Apple Cake

    Our Bakery will also have a variety of Challah Breads available including Round, Round with Raisin, and regular from Cheryl Ann’s of Brookline and  Susie’s Bakery of Needham. There are also honey cakes and packaged rugelah from Babycakes  on the pie table.

    On the shelves we have a great beer and wine selection including Kosher wine, local honey, and already over a dozen types of apples to ring in fall.


    See you soon and Happy New Year!

    We consider the mantis a symbol of good luck for the harvest as it is here to devour many of our pest insects. There have been several spotted around the field and greenhouse already this year, keep an eye peeled for these beneficial beauties in your yard!



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