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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    Our 2nd  Annual Chili Cook Off will be held this February 1st at 11:30 am. With Superbowl Sunday the following day, we think plenty of you will have chili on the brain, and might even be cooking up a batch already, and for those of you who don’t have a favorite recipe already, it’s a great opportunity to get some ideas with time to whip some up for game day.

    It’s pretty basic, and laid back, like all of our cooking contests, so the only rules are:

    • Must be Chili as you would call it, not soup, not pot pie, not dessert. This is a chili competition. It can be vegetarian, beef, chicken, turkey, goat, whatever! It can have beans, noodles, cheese: again, make it your own!
    • Chili should be fully cooked and ready to eat and on site by 11:15 am on Feb 1, condiments can be on the side for application at tasting if necessary. We will have electrical outlets available to keep crock pots warm.
    • We need a copy of your an original recipe. Of course you can get inspiration from somewhere, but we will be publishing your winning recipe on the website with your name on it, so again, make it your own!
    • Chili should contain at least one ingredient purchased from the farm, whether some prime Hillcrest Beef or some local Baer’s Beans, or just a heap of peppers. Obviously we encourage you to use much more than one ingredient from us, and would love to know that you have. We will run specials on common chili related products throughout the week in the farmstand so be sure to check in.
    • Winner will receive a primo trophy and a gift card for $100. Second and Third place runner-up will get a $50 and $25 gift card respectively. All participants will receive a coupon for their participation.
    • Winner will be invited to judge next year’s competition as well.

    In the week leading up to the Chili Cook Off, we will be running specials on a variety of items we think go perfect in a great pot of chili. If there is a key ingredient we aren’t already carrying that you’d like us to have to make yours perfect try to let the farmstand crew know soon so they can try to source it.

    The cook off will be Saturday February 1st in the farmstand. We will have three or four culinarily-minded judges on hand to taste and judge against their own spice tinged taste buds. We can have electricity available for crock pots on the table. We will provide bowls, spoons, and napkins, you just bring the food. And like all of our contests if you bring enough, we can all dive in after the judging and really let you know what we think!

    Any questions contact us here, and to register please fill out the form below or see one of our cashiers in the farmstand!

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    For more ideas check out the results from last year’s event along with winning recipes here:

    1st Annual Chili Cookoff Results



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