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    Rally for Rosie’s Place @ Volante Farms

    March 1-2 & 8-9, 2014

    It’s time for our 2nd Annual Rally for Rosie’s Place, during which we challenge you to donate as much fresh produce in our stores the first two weekends of March, then we match those donations the following two weekends, to give Rosie’s place a plethora of produce during a time of year when fresh vegetables and fruits are at their most scarce and most expensive.

    We make donations to food banks everyday of the week in the Needham and surrounding areas, but our longest partnership to date has been with Rosie’s Place, a shelter for poor and homeless women and their families. Our donations go to the food program and dining room at the shelter.

     “For 40 years Rosie’s Place has provided a safe and nurturing environment for poor and homeless women to maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives. Our food programs further our mission by giving our guests access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food that is too often simply not an option for families struggling to make ends meet.”

    -Patricia Jones, Food Pantry Manager

    Last year  you donated over 500 pounds of fresh produce, which allowed us to watch for a full half ton for the month. If we can do even more than that this time around that will be great, and the beauty of it is if there is too much the kitchen there will be able to get it to other needy people in the greater Boston area.

    Our cashiers will be asking you this March 1 & 2 and 8 & 9 if you would like to add something to the Rosie’s Place Donation Basket. We will even have some suggested items readily available to choose from, like apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots, and whatever looks extra fresh that day.

    Rosie’s Place volunteer, Tracy Firth, who picks up our regular donation here every week, will stop in on the following Monday, tally our totals for the weekend and let us know what we need to do to meet our end of the challenge.

    Tracy Firth, Rosie’s Place volunteer (l) and Teri Volante Boardman (r) revel in the match of produce from just one weekend last year. Cases of Strawberries and fresh Tomatoes make for a great winter menu. Each of those boxes packs another 25 lbs of fresh vitamins  and minerals into needy bodies.

    Please help us to meet and beat last year’s numbers, and share this post with your school and religious organizations. Please contact us at with any questions.

    Thank You!

     “For 40 years Rosie’s Place has provided a safe and nurturing environment for poor and homeless women to maintain their dignity, seek opportunity and find security in their lives. Our food programs further our mission by giving our guests access to fresh, healthy, and nutritious food that is too often simply not an option for families struggling to make ends meet.”

    -Patricia Jones, Food Pantry Manager

    If you would like to help spread the word on this outreach project in addition to participating, you may download and post this flyer on your community board:

    Ideal types of Donations, in addition to fresh fruit and vegetables  include:



    Shelters like Rosie’s Place depend on non-perishable donations throughout the year for their guests, and Rosie’s Place in particular has been striving in recent years to put fresh food and healthy produce on their tables to promote healthy diets for their guests. See the archived article in The Boston Globe about their efforts here:


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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    Still working on the official name, but all the important information is in the title. You wanted more contests, and we found a way to give you one. The first Saturday in March we are trying out a Soup Contest.  How will it work? Well the beauty of the first one is we never really quite know. The Chili Contest has been a success, so we will take cues from it.

    The Rules are:

    1. Make your favorite soup, vegetarian, meaty, chowdery, etc. (Sorry, no Chili! That was last month.)
    2. Bring it in to the farm by 11:15 on March 1st, it should be ready to eat, we will have electrical outlets for crock pot available.
    3. Have copy of your original recipe available, we will want to share it on the website if it wins!
    4. Use ingredients from Volantes, at least one, highlight it on your recipe.

    Judging by our elite panel will take place @ 11:30 am


    1st place: $100 Volante Farms Gift Card, plus an opportunity to judge next year’s contest.

    2nd place: $50 Volante Farms Gift Card

    3rd place: $25  Volante Farms Gift Card

    Registration is free, all participants receive a 10% off coupon to use that day.

    Please register with our cashiers or on the form below

    Sign me Up for the 1st Annual Soup Contest
    March 1st 2014

    Name (required)

    Phone (required)

    Email Address


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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    By popular demand, we bring you our first all vegetarian dining event, in the form of a Cooking Class with chef Todd on March 8 @ 6:30. We have been so meat focused lately with the arrival of John Dewar’s Meat to the farmstand, that we thought we could afford to even it out a little bit and stick to the reason the farm is here in the first place.

    Like our other classes tickets are $50 with a $15 wine pairing, you’ll be in an intimate atmosphere with chef Todd while he leads you through the steps of creating several vegetarian dishes, and then you’ll get to taste them as they are complete. He usually has an appetizer, entrée, and a couple of sides and dessert so there is a good array, and plenty to satisfy. Don’t worry, as usual the real menu won’t be ready til you arrive that night, fresh as can be. Best to let him know about any allergies in advance, he can get as wild as those mushrooms!

    So if you are a practicing plant eater, or have a lettuce loving loved one you’d like to learn how to impress at the dinner table consider joining us for the night.


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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on


    Volante Farms is thrilled to be bringing another local offering to your table as the new home of John Dewar’s Meats. We are pleased to announce – that we have created a strategic alliance with John Dewar Co and TF Kinnealey & Co – which allows us offer a broad array of the very same items that had been previously featured at their Wellesley store.  Whether it is for a special occasion, a holiday meal or dinner with the family – we have you covered.  

    We already carried much of Kinnealey’s fine products in our store,  and with the recent closure of John Dewar’s landmark store in Wellesley, we have been given a unique opportunity to bring you the same quality meat and service that you have long appreciated. If you are unfamiliar with John Dewar’s prepare to be impressed by the quality, variety and taste of the offerings. Volante’s will be carrying all of your favorite Dewar cuts in pre-portioned airtight packages, right in our meat case, so all you have to do is swing by the meat aisle, grab, and go. We hope to be able to offer you the same variety of a full scale butcher counter with the convenience of our reach—in refrigerated displays. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for please ask for Todd or Steve in the kitchen and we will do our best to help fulfill your needs.

    We will be adding to our offerings weekly with specials and seasonal favorites so be on the lookout for new cuts. As this program is just getting started we welcome any and all suggestions. We understand the importance of quality proteins and selection; your input is greatly appreciated. Let us take care of the product, so you can take care of the cooking.


     Current Offerings

    • Tenderloin
    • Strip
    • Ribeye
    • Skirt Steak Prime Cut
    • Veal Cutlet
    • Lamb Loin Chop
    • Allen Chicken Legs
    • Allen Whole Chicken


    Much more Beef, Pork and Poultry to come soon!

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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on

    Ok gang, another great weekend cooking event! Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoy the competition and what a great kick off to Superbowl weekend to get those spices going.

    A pattern is emerging though, that we have some real high-caliber amateur chefs in the neighborhood. No real surprise, as high-caliber chefs should be shopping at a shop as nice as ours *ahem* but still all of this year’s placing winners were not only former cooking contest contestants, but actual winners too!

    Special thanks to our own chef Todd, Alex of Alex’s Ugly Sauce, and last year’s winner Mike Bolio for lending their ironclad taste buds to the event to act as judges. They were certainly careful to taste and retaste, and retaste and for goodness sake hurry up everyone is getting too hungry to wait. But knowing how serious people are about their chili recipes, no one wanted to be accused of under appreciating.

    There were 9 contestants, so the odds were actually pretty good, and the breadth of chili types was vast. There was a white chili, a Texas chili, and even one with a strong hint of citrus to it. But the hands down winner was from this summer’s  Cooking Contest 2nd place winner, Lauren Murphy, with her Mexican Chili with Cactus and Hominy. Lauren has been getting into Mexican fine cuisine in her home and through recent travel and presented a super flavor rich Mexican Green Corn Soup this summer which is also a worthy recipe to try out in these snowy months.

    Lauren’s First Place Winning Mexican Chili with Cactus and Hominy

    Even though these judges didn’t seem too concerned with presentation, as the official photographer of chili pots, I have to say I loved Lauren’s presentation. It’s hard to make chili look appetizing regardless of how it’s made so the accoutrements on display certainly helped!

    A close up of Hominy and Cactus

    Her unique ingredients included a wide varirty of dried and fresh pepers, hominy, cactus with garnsihes of queso fresco, cilantro, onion, and homemade tortillas for garnish. The judges loved the complexity of the chili, the creeping heat, the huge variety of vegetables, and the slight sweetness. See below for recipe.

    Lauren’s Chili

    2nd place went to Jeff Weller, last year’s 3rd place winner, so he is certainly working his way up in the local ranks, and a force to watch in future contests. His Hot Dog Heaven Chili combined pulled pork, bacon, and italian sausage as well as three types of Baer’s Beans from Maine, including the Tolosanos, which I personally use in my chili and love the effect. The judges were wowed by the sweet, pineapply flavor which must have come from the lemon juice, the depth of flavor and tendder shredded texture of the meat.

    Jeff’s Chili

    3rd place was a tie, aren’t they always? This one between 2011’s Apple Pie Contest Winner Emily Williams and 2011’s Cooking Contest 2nd Place Winner Paul Gardener. The chilies couldn’t have been more different and their non-traditional tastes is what propelled both to the top of the pack. Emily’s Southwest by Northeast White Chicken Chili was the only white chili in the lot with a little tomato for garnish. The judges found it to be non-traditional and the least spicy of the winning blends for those of you looking for a little less heat.

    Emily’s Chili

    Paul’s Chili had a totally different look, with a finer texture than many of the others. Perfect for topping a chili dog in my opinion. The judges liked the heat, flavor, consistency, and classic flavor.

    Paul’s Chili


    The winners took home some great prizes yet again. the 3rd place prizes were a $35 gift card to Volante’s for each as well as a bottle of Alex’s Ugly Sauce of their choice. 2nd place took home a $75 gift card and two bottles of Alex’s Ugly Sauce.

    Lauren walked away with the grand prize, $100 to spend at Volante’s, a full trio of Alex’s Ugly Sauce in each of the varieties we carry, a kickin trophy, plus the coveted slot on next year’s Judges Panel.

    After all the excitement, we of course dove in, contestants, employees, and spectators alike to place our own votes on our favorites. It was a spicy sloppy mess for a few minutes, thank goodness we had a beer tasting with several of our new Dogfish Head brews going on at the next table.

    Our next cooking contest will be a first annual, so its a perfect opportunity to put your mark in on the early side of a tradition. You’ve got all month to finesse your favorite soup recipe into shape, and we’ll be holding our first ever Soup Contest on March 1 2014. More details to follow soon.


    This weekend be sure to stop by for our Winter Local Food Fest, from 10 -4 on Saturday to visit with over 20 of our favorite local vendors and food artisans, hear their food stories and taste what they bring to our little shop every week.

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