It’s time once again for our annual Customer Apple Pie Baking Contest!

Get your baking hats on and your counter tops dusted with flour:

The prizes are as usual, amazing, and will be announced shortly, and will involve gift cards to some of your favorite local establishments, Volante’s included.

To enter register here or with our cashiers while at the farm stand.

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  • Only One Pie per entry
  • Pie must be 8″ or more in diameter
  • Apples must be purchased at Volante Farms
  • Contestant must provide recipe for filling and crust, as well as apple varieties used
  • Pie must arrive at Volante Farms by 10:45 am on October 19
  • Judging will commence at 11 am, and after deliberation forks will be handed out so that audience can size the remaining pies up for themselves.


For inspiration look at the recaps and recipes from previous years:

Apple Pie Contest Archives


Also this story on the science of the perfect pie:

Science Builds a Better Pie –

As well as this infographic on how different apples taste and their best uses:

So best of luck and get to work! We’ve got 29 of these apples on the stand today so there’s plenty to choose from-

and also take note of our follow up event the next Saturday, Pumpkin Fest benefiting Boston Children’s Hospital: