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    Bring in your home-cooked apple pie and our local celebrity judges will taste and evaluate it! Please provide your recipe and most importantly, which varieties of apples are included. Pre-registration (required) and pay attention to the very few rules below!

    Apple Pie Contest Rules:


    Saturday October 15th @ 11am

    Bring in your home-cooked apple pie and our local celebrity judges will taste and evaluate it! Please provide your recipe and, most importantly, which varieties of apples are included. Rules:

    • Only one pie per entry
    • Pie must be 8” or more in diameter
    • Apples must be purchased at Volante Farms
    • Contestant must provide recipe for filling and crust with apple varieties listed
    • Pie must be at Volante Farms by 10:45 AM!



    1st Place: Over $150 in Gift Cards!

    2nd Place: Over $75 in Gift Cards!

    Each participant will receive a 10% coupon

    good for that day!

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    It gives me SO much pleasure to tell you that we are clear to open in our farmstand on THURSDAY July 28th at 8am! All departments will be open regular hours (Yes, that means Deli, Kitchen, Bakery, Ice Cream, Wine and Beer too!)

    Starting Thursday our hours are back to normal:

    • Farmstand (Kitchen, Bakery, Deli, Produce) & Greenhouse:
      weekdays 8am-7pm
      weekends 8am-6pm
    • Wine & Craft Beer:
      Mon-Fri 9am-7pm
      Saturday 9am-6pm
      Sunday 12pm-6pm
    • Ice Cream Stand:
      everyday 11am-9pm

    We will be working full-force for the next few days to get product back into our farmstand and set everything up. We aim to have most of our products in stock for Thursday’s opening, but as you can imagine it may take a couple weeks to get every last item restocked.

    In the meantime, we are still open in the greenhouse selling our beautiful Homegrown Produce and plants!!!

    Through this whole horrific experience, one thing is for sure: we have the greatest employees and customers in the world. We received countless inspirational emails and facebook posts which really kept us positive. Thank you so much for supporting us when we needed it most!

    So, if I could humbly ask one last thing: Please help us by spreading the word! We are BAAAACK!

    Thank you,

    The Volante Family

    UPDATE: July 19

    We will continue our temporary setup with produce in the greenhouse at least through the weekend of July 24.

    We are making huge strides in the farmstand and the abatement of the odors of July 4th weekend.  The next few days will be very telling but we are thinking positive.

    Regular hours of 8-7 weekdays and 8-6 weekends continue and events are suspended for now.

    July 16:

    Homegrown Corn is here!

    The Garden Center and Homegrown Produce will continue to be open in the Greenhouse for the short term during our regular operating hours.

    8-7 on weekdays and 8-6 on weekends.

    Kitchen, Deli, Ice Cream, and Wine and Beer remain closed for the time being. Our most up to date information will continue to be posted on our Facebook page as it is the fastest way to get info out there. Thank you again for your patience. Please call 781-444-2351 if you would like to speak to someone at the farm.

    Update July 12:

    We are THRILLED to announce that we will be able to open in a limited capacity in our greenhouse tomorrow.

    We will open at 9am and close at our regularly-scheduled 7pm

    We will be selling Homegrown produce along with the plants and gardening supplies normally offered in the greenhouse. The kitchen, deli, bakery, ice cream and wine and beer departments will remain closed for the time being.

    We are making some progress in the farmstand and today we started a rigorous heating and ventilating program inside. We are heating the retail area to 90 degrees for 3 hours, then flushing air through the building in an effort to get rid of the last of the odor. We will repeat the heating and ventilating process over and over all day and night until the odor is gone.

    For updates Facebook is still your best bet, or call the farm and listen to the outgoing message.

    We are thrilled to be taking a step toward normalcy and can’t wait to see you in our greenhouse tomorrow! Thanks for sticking with us!


    The Volante Family

    Hi all,
    We will remain closed tomorrow Monday July 11th.

    Yesterday we took some positive steps in our farmstand. We have been working closely with ARS restoration specialists. They have scrubbed the floors twice with a cleaner that should help get rid of the odor, and last night they filled the farmstand with ozone. Yes, apparently that’s a real thing. The ozone is supposed to get rid of the last of the vapors, and now we are ventilating like crazy again in order to get the scent out of the building. 

    The odor has dissipated dramatically since Wednesday, that is for sure. So we are definitely moving in the right direction. Over the weekend a lot of the decision making was put on hold, due to many key players being out of the office. Our hope is that we are able to get the answers we need when offices open back up tomorrow, at which point we will push forward with a more concrete plan of action.

    Keep checking here for updates, or call the farm and listen to the outgoing message. You can also join our email list by going to our website

    As you can imagine, it is against our nature to sit still, but we are staying positive because of our incredible employees and customers. Thank you so much for your support here on Facebook and through your email responses. We realize that we are very lucky to have so many people in our corner. Fingers crossed for what Monday brings…

    The Volante Family


    We will remain closed through the weekend. After another day of heartbreaking work, the farmstand is now completely empty of food and packaging materials, as well as many other items that the odor was clinging to. We are happy to say that the odor is finally dissipating and tomorrow we will be able to take significant aggressive steps to help speed up ventilation. We are harvesting some of our homegrown veggies to be sold to local restaurants until we can set up a temporary retail solution. We have received so much positive feedback from our wonderful customers and are so grateful for your patience and support. And it is official that we have the best employees around. Hands down. We will post more information as we receive it. Thank you!
    – The Volante Family


    Tough couple days here on the farm. In short: we’ll be closed for at least a few more due to the heartbreaking loss of our entire inventory, which was unfortunately caused by a misapplication of a floor sealant by an outside contractor. Luckily we have the best crew on the planet and their positivity is keeping us whole. Thanks to all of our customers and friends for your continued support, we owe you the world. Check facebook for details and updates, we’ll see you soon – The VF family

    A photo posted by Volante Farms (@volantefarms) on

    UPDATE July 8:

    Unfortunately, there is not much to update. The company we hired to apply a sealant to the floors used a product that was intended for exterior use. Like we mentioned in yesterday’s email, the fumes and odor are nontoxic. We have been assured by multiple parties that there is no health concern, but rather a strong odor that has managed to stick to almost everything. As a result, we had to throw out every food item and piece of packaging in our farmstand today. We are heartbroken.

    We will be closed today to continue to ventilate and clean. We will likely be closed through the weekend. We hope to have more answers by the end of the day. Please check Facebook for updates as we don’t want to bombard you with emails. You can also call and listen to the outgoing phone message for updates.

    As we mentioned yesterday, we will refund any purchases made on Wednesday July 6th that may have had a foul odor or did not meet our typical high standards. You can contact us by calling the farm at (781) 444-2351 or by replying to this email.

    Please know that we are working tirelessly to remedy this situation. Thank you for your patience as we sort this out.


    The Volante Farms Family

    July 7, 2016

    Over the July 4th holiday we took advantage of our two days closed to apply a sealant to our retail floor. We were assured that venting it for two days would be sufficient, but evidently it was not. We have spoken to both the company that applied the sealant and the manufacturer of the sealant and are assured that the fumes are nontoxic and safe.The scent, however, seems to have clung to plastic bags, packaging material, and other items.

    We will be closed Thursday July 7th in order to fully ventilate the building as quickly as possible.

    While we assure you that the produce and products you have purchased are completely safe, we will give full refunds for any items that did not live up to our usual high standards.

    If your purchase has an off scent, please discard it.

    Contact us by calling the farm at (781) 444-2351. We will be here to process refunds and field any additional questions.

    Quality is our first priority at the farm and we take great pride in what we do. We are deeply sorry to those who had an unpleasant experience today. Thank you very much for your understanding, we will send along additional information as soon as we are able.

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    Our next Acoustic Coffee Set is coming up June 25th, 9 am – 11 am.  Stop in and enjoy acoustic music with your coffee, doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches. The musicians will be stationed out on the patio and play a variety of music for your easy morning enjoyment weather permitting.

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    Mark your calendars now for some inexpensive summer entertainment. What began as a haphazardly casual collection of beautiful music last summer has turned into a  carefully curated full blown musical series this year.  Please join us for one or many of this season’s Free Summer Concert Series on the Ice Cream Patio. The shows are still quite casual and seating is first come basis. The Ice Cream Stand windows are open until 9 pm on concert nights. The shows are shine only as they are outdoors.

    Friday June 3rd 7:30 pm

    Echoes Jazz Quartet  Echoes kicked off our concerts last summer and we are happy to have them returning this year. They are leaving on tour later in the summer so we started the series extra early this year in order to fit them in. Listen to them now on Soundcloud  or watch a bit of last year’s performance at the end of this post.

    Sunday June 26th 9 am – 11 am

    Join us for the return of our Sunday Morning Sounds with acoustic music to pair with your coffee and donuts.

    Tuesday June 28th 7:30 pm

    Jam Sandwich. Local favorites Jam Sandwich return to the Ice Cream Patio.

    Tuesday July 12th  7:30pm -this show has been canceled due to farmstand maintenance issues we will reschedule if possible when we know more

    Impromptu Trio will be performing. This small group includes members of the Indigo Q group performing in August and we look forward to hearing their sounds. Could be surprising by the look of it!

    Tuesday Aug 2nd 7:30pm

    Indigo Q returns to the patio this season with an exciting jazz combo. This all female group   had great set last year and we are thrilled to have them back!

    Tuesday Aug 9th 7:30pm

    Jack & Hill  Our very own Jackson ( we still claim him despite his departure to pursue music) and his friend Hillary are back for a set of popular favorites.

    Tuesday August 16th 7:30pm

    Eva Walsh  “Eva Walsh is a fun-loving folk-pop singer, fiddler and songwriter from Boston who delivers a heartfelt performance of charming original songs and smiles. Equally influenced by a catchy pop song, a jazz standard and an old-time stringband breakdown, her music and her sweet sincerity make her a delightful performer you don’t want to miss.”

    Wednesday Aug 17th 7:30pm

    Neil & Kera return to close out the concert series for another year. They “specialize in Folk-Rock Odysseys” but for us keep it pretty acoustic.

    Echoes in 2015:

    A video posted by Volante Farms (@volantefarms) on

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    fairy garden juneJoin us for another Fairy Gardening Workshop June 11. Our last one was so popular we had to add another one to our tight summer schedule. This one is right before Father’s Day so a good opportunity to do some gargoyle gardening too ( it’s a thing ) if fairies aren’t your speed.

    You’ll enjoy instruction and have all the necessary materials available to make a cute miniature Fairy Garden, one of the trendiest things around. We’ll provide plants, containers, soil, fairies and knick-knacks to get your garden started right.

    We think this a great event for all ages, come by for lunch and hang out for the class. Class will start at 1 pm and probably run to about 2:30, but we do ask that parents of children remain at the farm during the class.

    Cost for class is $10 which includes instruction, refreshments and soil for the garden. Materials including container, plants, fairies and accessories are a la carte and may be purchased during the workshop.

    Click button below for tickets:

    Fairy Gardening Workshop

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    Join us at the farm this Saturday from 8 – 9:30 for this month’s Porsche Club of America Northeast Region’s Cars & Coffee series.

    Cars & Coffee at Volante Farm

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    Happy to Announce our Grilled Cheese-apolooza that began today and will continue through to National Grilled Cheese Day on Tuesday ( and maybe beyond?!) Specials available while supplies last- so get here fast to stake a claim to your favorite. We’ve got some classics and some new innovations this time around.cheesapolooza2016

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    The following Workshops are free and no registration is required, visit our events page for tickets to our other Spring Events like our Design & Drinks class and Fairy Gardening Workshop

    Saturday April 2: Free soil testing from 10AM-3PM

    Free Soil Testing for your garden and lawn. Come by with one or two dry samples of soil from areas of your garden you would like tested. John Howell of the New England Vegetable and Berry Association will be here to analyze your samples and help point you in a growing direction, and we will be here to help you pick up the lime, bone-meal, acidic fertilizer or whatever he suggests to you.workshopkids

    Saturday April 2:  10 AM – 3 PM Kids Gardening Workshop

    Join Michelle in the greenhouse for a special all day Kid’s Gardening Workshop while the soil testing is happening. Stop in between 10 and 3 to see what flowers are ready to go in the greenhouse and have your children work with Michelle as she talks to them about basic gardening techniques and what it takes to make a plant grow  and then has them plant a seed to take home and grow into their own flower or vegetable.


    Saturday April 9: 10 AM Wild Plant Walk with Herbalist Steph Zabel

    Join us for a stroll around the farm to learn how to identify common plants that have been used in traditional herbalism for centuries. Our outing will explore the medicinal and edible use of these local herbs, how to identify and harvest them, and ways to use them as foods or beverages. Many of these often-overlooked plants may surprise you with their health benefits!

    • Steph Zabel, MSc, is an herbalist and botanical educator based in Somerville, MA. For over a decade she has combined her passions for herbalism, education, and community outreach. She holds a Master’s degree in ethnobotany and began her professional career working in the botanical collections of the Harvard University Herbaria. Her work focuses on teaching practical & inspiring herbal classes and offering dynamic wellness sessions. Steph is also the founder of HERBSTALK, Boston’s vibrant community herbal conference, through which she creates accessible educational opportunities for all plant enthusiasts.
    mikes raised bed

    Saturday April 16: 10 AM Raised Bed Gardening with Mike Mcdermott

    Want a garden in your yard but not sure about the soil quality? Maybe the sunny side of your house is mostly paved. Maybe you just like the clean architecture of a framed and defined space. Raised Bed Gardening might be right for you. Join Mike, who constructed many of the large wooden planters around the farmstand, as he takes you through the basic benefits and limitations of raised bed planting, how to construct and maintain them and how to efficiently use the space you create by choosing plants and spacing that works in a confined area.

    Click here for the Materials and Cut Lists from the class!

    beetalkSaturday April 23: 10 AM Protect the Bees Pollinator Workshop with Jenni Wharff.

    Jenni will highlight the current state of pollinators (honey bees in particular) and then go over ways to help the population, and pollinator friendly plants.

    • Gardens by Jenni is committed to raising awareness of problems facing our bees! We want to show you how easy it can be to garden for the bees! GBJ provides organic, heirloom, and pesticide free herbs, vegetables, and flowers (native and non-native) in order to promote healthy food resources that our bees deeply need. Email for seedlings, bee habitat assessments, pollinator friendly garden installations, and pollinator gardening advice.Helping you bee friendly with Giftable Gardens, Pollinator-Garden Consulting, and Bee Habitat Assessments for every kind of space! Organic & Pesticide free – from Gardens by Jenni


    IMG_4499Saturday April 30th: 10 AM Container Gardening with Dianne Porcello

    Still our most popular workshop every spring, Dianne walks you through the steps of choosing a container and the basic pieces of creating a mobile beauty for your deck or patio garden. A container is a great way to showcase a favorite plant or draw attention to an overlooked part of your garden. Stop in to learn about pot size and shape, soil and fertilizer requirements, and the general artistic element  and theory behind creating a world-class container.


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    Our series of Design & Drinks Events continues with a Spring Container Workshop on April 9. Please consider joining us in the greenhouse to shake off the winter blues and prepare a pot ready to drop on your front porch right away! We will have a selection of spring hardy plants to choose from, dependent on the best available to us at the time, but will likely include, forced spring bulbs, early perennials, pansies and violas. You will have (3-6) plants in your pot depending on the sizes you choose. You will have your choice of a plastic clay-colored 12 inch Patio Pot or a fiber pot meant to drop into the popular cast iron urns that many households have on their front entry. We also offer a vast selection of larger and fancier containers, metal, wooden, clay, porcelain in all imaginable sizes and invite you to look at these in our shop. We will offer you the ability to upgrade your container to one of these during the workshop as well as add additional plant if you choose to.

    These pots will be bursting with color and sure to brighten your doorstep until the real warm months finally come along. Our designers, Dianne and Linda will be leading the workshop and helping you select and put together. This workshop will be held in the afternoon, with light refreshments. As usual a wine option will be available, you may purchase that with your ticket now, or on site day of for $10 additional.
    Additionally we offer free workshops all through the month of April including a free Spring Container Workshop on the best new options for creating a container garden in the spring, and this years will be held April 30 at 10 am. That workshop is free, but attendees do not get to build a container during it, it is only for demonstration and inspiration.


    For Tickets Click Here


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    Please join us in the greenhouse for our 3rd annual Grand Wine Tasting, this March 19th from 1-4 pm. The event is free and will feature wines from a wide variety of locations around the globe. Talk with the distributors and wine-making representatives about what makes each of these wines perfect for your Easter table, spring picnic or summer barbecue. Enjoy larger bulk discounts all day Saturday on 6 or more bottles. Eleven reps will be present tasting 4 or more wines each, so there will be something for everyone. We will also be joined by a number of local cheese artisans, offering something to taste with your sips.

    Please bring valid ID to enjoy your time in the warm flower filled greenhouse with us. Valid id includes those 21+with US passport, US military ID, MA drivers licence, MA liquor ID, or MA state ID.

    Guests expected to attend so far include:

    • Jasper Hill Farm

    • Cato Corner Farm

    • Culture Magazine

    •  Shy Brothers

    • Grey Barn

    grand wine tasting

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