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  • Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on February 10, 2016

    craft-beersPlease join us in the Greenhouse, February 27th from 1-4 when we sample dozens of craft brews and ciders from our talented makers from near and far. Representatives from the following distributors, breweries and cider houses will be here ready to share their stories while you sample their beverages. Please have valid ID, and of course this event is free.

    • Atlantic Importing Co

    • Bantam Cider

    • Baxter

    • Berkshire

    • Brewmaster Jack

    • Burke Distributing

    • Cambridge CBC

    • Carr’s Cider

    • Down East Cider

    • Element

    • Ipswich

    • Jack’s Abby

    • Mass Beverage Alliance

    • NBPT

    • Notch

    • Shacksbury Cider

    • Spencer

    • Stormalong Cider

    • Two Roads

    • Woodstock

    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on January 1, 2016


    Seats Available Now for our Saturday afternoon cooking classes this winter,

    February 6 and March 5th at 1:30 pm

    Each will feature several dishes, which chef Todd will lead you through the steps of preparing, and then have available for you to sample. There is an option to have wine paired with the tastings.

    Seats are $50, $65 with wine and may be purchased online by clicking the date you wish below:

    cooking class cookinclassmarch5

    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on October 21, 2015

    bobs turkey logoVolante Farms is pleased to be offering a limited number of turkeys from Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster MA this season for Thanksgiving. These are the same turkeys previously carried by Owen’s Poultry Farm around the corner and are no-hormones no-antibiotics all natural product.  Our turkeys are available in various ranges from 14 to over 30 pounds. All turkeys will be $4/lb.

    About Bob’s Turkey Farm turkeys:

    “Our turkeys are a Broad Breasted White Turkey originating in Andover, MA. We breed, raise, and slaughter all of our own turkeys here in Lancaster. All of our turkeys are fed a well balanced grain diet. We also use a preventative feed for the first four weeks of life. This gives our birds a healthy start before they transition to natural nutrients. Our birds are grown in barns and outdoor pens, free to move around as they wish.”

    As this is our first year of carrying turkeys we are going to start small by offering a very limited number of birds. We will be accepting orders until November 9th or until we fill our quota for orders. Orders may be placed in person with select kitchen staff or over the phone at extension 123. No turkey is guaranteed until confirmed by us.

    The cutoff for turkey orders is November 9th or while they last whichever comes first. Sides, which may be ordered separately as well, must be ordered by Wednesday the 18th at 5 pm.

    If you would like to reserve a bird, please call us or stop in soon to talk to our kitchen staff. We are no longer accepting orders online as we are nearly sold out.

    We will give you the option of placing an order for  prepared side dishes when we talk with you, so be sure to take a look at our Thanksgiving Menu to see what other tasty vegetables and grains we have available to make your dinner a breeze.


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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on October 18, 2015
    1st Place Pie! - Malin Limaj

    1st Place Pie!



    Winner- Malin Limaj!

    Beginner’s Luck very likely plays a role in many of our kitchens frequently, but when it comes to baking, there is a lot to be said for the old adage “Practice makes Perfect”.

    This year’s winner had a little from column A and a little from column B. Malin Limaj is one of our youngest ever contestants, so I’m guessing a bit a of a novice at the whole pie baking thing. But having baked two pies in less than 24 hours of the contest, she was good and limbered up. With a first pie having “failed” completely according to her mother, they made a last minute run back to Volante Farms at 9 am on Saturday morning to re-up their supplies of Granny Smith and Baldwin apples. With a brand new pie in hand and a HOT label on it they made it in to the judges table just in the nick of time with their new pie and whether it was the panic or the perseverance or the piping hot steam, the judges named it their favorite! Winning them over as the the 21st entrant in a line of 22 pies means it must have done quite a lot right.

    Malin took home a very hefty $150 Volante Farms gift certificate for her hard work as well as a very special trophy. Perhaps most coveted she earned that spot on the judging panel for next year’s contest. The top contestants also received very special chocolate and caramel covered apples from Sonny of Sonny’s Sweets, one of our esteemed judges. Sonny was joined on the panel this year by our own pastry chef Jen Heberlein and last year’s winner Nicole.

    Malin’s Pie had a rather classic lattice top which was popular this year. Lattice is great if your apples are on the juicier side as there is more room for the moisture to evaporate, but for drier fruit you want to watch the moisture retention qualities of a solid top.

    Our second place pie this year by Heather Adams was, I believe, one of our highest performing crumb topped pies to date. It especially benefited from a jolt of sweetness from the caramel topping on top of the crumb. Heather received a $75 gift card to the farm as well as a gourmet apple from Sonny.

    3rd place was a tie between two other Apple Pie variations: Ruth Mahoney’s Old Fashioned Apple Pie and Jane Harvey’s Swedish Apple Pie.  Both of them were recipients of a $35 Gift Card and some solid bragging rights.

    Best Presentation this year went to Jeff Cruzan. His pie was rather simple at first glance, yet somehow impossibly tall and beautifully symmetrical. He received a $20 Gift Card for his attention to detail.

    These top 5 pies are show below with their recipes, as well as a youtube slideshow of the entire event. Thanks to all of our contestants, judges, and customers who joined us for this event. This is always a great way to kick off the holiday baking season, and while we still have over 30 apple varieties available take the opportunity soon to get in some practice baking on your own.

    For the record the winning varieties this year were Granny Smith, Baldwin, Cortland, Rome, Macoun, & Monroe. Cortland are still the bakers’ favorite appearing in over 40% of this year’s pies.

    Malin Limaj Pie Recipe 2ndplaceapplepie20153rdplacetieapple2015.ruthmahoney3rd place tie pie 2015. harvey
    jeff presentation pie 2015

    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on October 16, 2015

    Pumpkinfest 2015 half page flyer

    Please join us for this year’s Pumpkinfest! It is an opportunity to get into the holiday spirit and raise a little (or a lot) of money for Boston Children’s Hospital. We will carve pumpkins all afternoon in front of the greenhouse- or inside in case of rain- and then haul them out to the sidewalk surrounding the farm so that we can light them up as night falls so all the artists and community can admire all the hard work and beautiful faces! We will leave the pumpkins lit as long as possible – hopefully through Halloween so if you don’t have a chance to come do the grand stroll with us you can stop by anytime that week after dark to see them shine.

    This year we are asking for a $5 donation to carve a pumpkin, or $20 for all the pumpkins you want to carve! We will hollow and scoop out the pumpkins for you, all you have to be is creative with your crayons and kid safe carving tools.

    Volante Farms is donating all the pumpkins and our time so that 100% of the your donations go to Boston Children’s Hospital.

    Please contact us with any questions and we hope to see you there for a fun afternoon and evening!

    Below are some of the previous years’ event photos:

    plus some more on our Facebook Page

    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on September 30, 2015

    apple pie contest sign up


    Bring in your home-cooked apple pie and our local celebrity judges will taste and evaluate it! Please provide your recipe and most importantly, which varieties of apples are included. Pre-registration (required) and pay attention to the very few rules below!

    Apple Pie Contest Rules:


    Saturday October 17th @ 11am

    1. Bring in your home-cooked apple pie and our local celebrity judges will taste and evaluate it! Please provide your recipe and, most importantly, which varieties of apples are included. Rules:
      1. Only one pie per entry
      2. Pie must be 8” or more in diameter
      3. Apples must be purchased at Volante Farms
      4. Contestant must provide recipe for filling and crust with apple varieties listed
      5. Pie must be at Volante Farms by 10:45 AM!



      1st Place: Over $150 in Gift Cards!

      2nd Place: Over $75 in Gift Cards!

      Each participant will receive a 10% coupon

      good for that day!


    For inspiration look at the recaps and recipes from previous years:

    Apple Pie Contest Archives


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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on August 20, 2015

    farmtrioVolante Farms Story Request

    As Volante Farms approaches its 100th anniversary, we are looking for your story about the farm and your memories and special moments here. Perhaps it is a favorite recipe you wait to make with our produce, or an annual tree buying tradition at the holidays, or even just one great story about spending time here with your family over the years. Maybe you remember the Newton farm, or worked with Ferdinand and Eugenio once they moved to Needham, or are a recent arrival to the area and our new farmstand, greenhouse, deli, ice cream stand and more.

    Whatever your connection, we are hoping you will share your stories, photos, anecdotes with us and in turn let us compile them with some of our own favorites to celebrate our centennial year. If you know someone who might have something to share about our farm and their history with it, please spread the word!

    We are hoping to hear from current and past employees, family members, customers, community residents and leaders. Really anyone who has a fondness or appreciation for Volante Farms, the Volante Family, and our hundred years as part of the metro west community.


    Thank you so much for your time. If you have information to share, including photos, videos, or anything you think we would like to have as part of our archive you can also submit it to us in person at the farm or via email at anytime to

    Submissions to us will be managed according to the permissions set forth on our submission permission page here:

    Contact us with any questions you have about this project.

    Direct any and all correspondence to Teri or Ryan at Volante Farms

    292 Forest St Needham MA 02492                                                                                                               781-444-2351 x 116


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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on August 18, 2015

    02-DSC_0287scan0002We couldn’t have asked for a nicer evening for last week’s final Dinner in the Field for the season. The sky was perfect, the temp just a little more than warm, and the humidity of a few weeks ago was a distant memory.

    This menu was really spectacular as well, with much thanks to the products and help from New England Charcuterie of Waltham and Coastal Vineyards of South Dartmouth.


    If you attended any of our dinners this summer, thank you so much, we really appreciate the support and hope you enjoyed yourselves. If like so many people, you didn’t make it off the waitlist this year, we hope you’ll be able to join us next season.


    Don’t forget we usually release dates and tickets in early May and those of you on the email list will be the first to know!01-DSC_0285






    New England Charcuterie’s mobile smoker kept the Wagyu brisket going all afternoon and added a nice bit of flair to the decoration.


    Pickled Homegrown vegetables abound on our chacuterie side plate. Cucumbers are joined by a host of flavors: radish, kohlrabi, squash and more! House made nasturtium mustard and sage flower jelly complete the platter.


    Moody’s New England Charcuterie Platter included a velvety foie gras as well as some delectable salamis.



    An appetizer trio for the next course offered some very unique tastes, including a pork pop-tart, a rueben fritter and a corn cake with jalapeno sausage and peach mostarda.


    Coastal Vineyards Cranberry Sunset, a true New England rose.


    The last hour of Moody’s 52 hour brisket turning in the smoker.


    Corn & Bean salad with Thai basil dressing.


    Mixed lettuce with homemade peperonata vinaigrette and Nasturtium blossoms



    Classic heirloom tomatoes with mozzarella, on a bed of arugula and purslane



    Double ricotta stuffed Kale Pasta with caponata


    Wagyu Brisket served over southern style vegetables


    Chocolate and red beet velvet cake with goat cream cheese frosting and candied chioggia beets.


    Thanks again to our local partners who made this dinner possible: NewEngland Charcuterie/ Moody’s Deli, SunnyCrest Orchards, Four Star Farm, Carr’s Ciderhouse, We Grow Microgreens, & Coastal Vineyards.

    See you next year!

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    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on August 2, 2015


    Join us for Farm Field Day this Saturday. We are going to try something new this year with an edible tour of the fields. Field Manager, Ryan, will lead the walking tour from the farmstand at noon, with stops through the field at the various crops currently being harvested at this one of our three fields. At each stop we will discuss how we grow at Volantes and then taste one of the dishes our kitchen crew has made from the produce.

    The tour is free, just meet at the farmstand at noon on Saturday.

    Posted by Ryan in Theme Additions on August 1, 2015

    We pride ourselves on having the most extensive selection of apples available when they are in season in New England. We work with many established farms and orchards to bring in the best of the season. A nearly complete list of the varieties we carry over the course of the year is available with photos on our Apple Variety Page which you can view by clicking anywhere on the collage at the right.

    This page lists the locally grown apples and pears we expect to have available this week on the stand based on recent and expected harvests.

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