DSC_0201Well something new happened last night. after years of luck we were hit by threats of severe weather and enough rain to make outdoor dining uncomfortable. So after careful consideration we decided to move the entire event indoors. We unfortunately had to close an hour early, with apologies to our inconvenienced customers, and postponed the dinner by 30 minutes to allow us time to clear out the farm stand and get it spruced up for the party.DSC_0223


scan0001This allowed for some new opportunities though, like a lovely wine and cheese reception in the Greenhouse amid the flowers and with views of the damp field which allowed the guests to wait comfortably, though humidly, while we put the finishing touches on the inside.

Additionally, as this was one of the most hot and humid days we’ve experienced this summer, the air conditioning of the farmstand actually provided a welcome respite. So while it wasn’t quite what we had in mind, everyone had a very nice time and it was certainly more comfortable than we would have been out in the storm! But on to the food:

Chef Todd and his team put together another fantastic meal overflowing with inspiration and flavors. Highlights included eggs and meat from our local partner Feather Brook Farms and excellent wine pairings courtesy of Atlantic Importing. Some of the most successful dishes of the night will certainly be reimagined for our store shelves over the next weeks, so keep an eye out. And also here is hoping this season’s last dinner, on August 13th, sees better weather all around so we can show off our fields again.


Rabbit Hand Pie with Hoppin’ John and Carrot Tops


Scallion Pancake with Apricot Glazed Chicken Kale Polenta with Beets and Nasturtium Mustard


More Than Three Bean Salad topped with cured Duck Egg and Microgreens


Summer Vegetable Salad; Pickled, Raw, & Cooked


Sweet Corn tamales, wrapped in Chard and smoked black bean salsa


Tad Thai- Feather Brook Farms Pork and Egg with herbs and lime


SunnyCrest Peach Strudel with Homegrown blueberries/sauce, and Crescent Ridge Maple Walnut ice cream


The kitchen staff hard at work in their makeshift prep space. More cramped quarters than we are used to, but still able to turn out some delicious food.