We held our final Dinner in the Field for the 2013 Summer Season a little less than a week ago, and it was another grand success. We had our largest gathering yet, partly due to the fabulous weather, and likely due to the season. Now that we are entering into the fall harvest season everything coming out of the fields is at its peak and the choice Todd had to experiment with was unmatched during the rest of the year.

Joseph Carr introduces his wine to the party.

The evening started off a little cooler than we expect for late August, which was a pleasant surprise. The skies were still clear blue, and the conversation was bubbling. The crowds arrived to find there place at one of 14 tables spread up and down the main road through the field.

A cornucopia of produce to select from.


Winemaker Joseph Carr joined us for the evening and presented  four wines from his cellars to pair with the various dishes Todd’s kitchen sent forward. Many thanks to Joe and the folks at Ruby Wines Inc for their help with the evenings event.

Crostini Duo: corned beef tongue on the left, beet hummus on the right.

Todd’s first dish out the door was a duo of crostinis. One with a brightly hued beet hummus and collard greens. This was a huge hit and the beet hummus will soon be available on the shelves in the Farmstand if it isn’t already. The other crostini was a  carefully phrased “crostini con la lingua”: Hillcrest corned beef tongue, with a slaw of Brussels sprouts, apples and horseradish. This was also relished by many and a similar variant has found its way onto the specials menu at the deli already. Keep an eye peeled for it!

Heirloom Tomato and baby Arugula Pesto Flatbread

The appetizer course brought another bread based duel, this time homemade flatbread, the first with our famous baby arugula pesto and heirloom tomatoes, now available in the Farmstand as well. the second a rather unique combo of kale, caponata, feta cheese and our own homemade lamb bacon, another of Todd’s specialities.

Kale Caponata Feta and Lamb Bacon Flatbread

The salad course again was a feast unto itself with three vastly different salads. The bowl of greens, this time largely rainbow chard, was dressed with a Hole Mole Pepper and Corn Vinaigrette, now available on the shelves. A red pepper vinaigrette dressed a “kitchen sink” salad full of farm veggies like carrots and green beans. Finally a watermelon and tomato salad popped with cool tastes and hot colors as a refreshing end to the salad course, dressed with goat cheese, basil and pickled melon rind.

Watermelon and Tomato Salad

For the entree, in the waning light and amid ever more fully stuffed patrons, we presented them with stuffed peppers. Todd’s high brow version used our homegrown Merlot, Dove, and Bluejay peppers as serving dishes for braised short ribs, corn and Taza Chocolate. A crunchy kale and tomato curry provided the base for a moist and flaky Maine Sole. A full vegetarian option of “oh so many” beans, dressed a variety of nine different green and wax beans in locally grown Spelt and a  Romesco Sauce.

Stuffed Black White and Purple Peppers

The night was particularly dark by the time dessert rolled out, but the taste was succulent enough it had us seeing stars anyway. Jen and her pastry department conjured up a cake made from SunnycrestOrchards peaches, polenta, and homegrown corn. Drizzled with a caramel and a side of sweet Crescent Ridge Vanilla Ice Cream, everyone rolled into the evening darkness rather content with the meal once again.

Peach Polenta Cake

Darkness set in completely and the crew packed up while conversations trailed off into the candlelight. It really felt like summer was coming to a close right around us. Really feel blessed that we had such wonderful weather for all these events. Thanks to everyone who was able to join us this year at our summer dining series. Please stay tuned for upcoming events, there are sure to be many. We will focus on pure harvest for the next few weeks as we prepare for another big holiday season, and will be sure to be announcing more fun soon. We hope you’ll join us each and every opportunity!

Night Time