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Is Volante Farms Hiring?

Employment Opportunities

Volante Farms is usually hiring for a variety of positions. We accept applications on a rolling basis throughout the year and will hire to fill positions as needed or to supplement at seasonal peaks. We offer full-time positions with benefits and a variety of flexible part-time options, including: after school, weekends, parents hours, seasonal and more. Click here to download an application.

Does Volante Farms allow “Pick-Your-Own”?

We are not a pick-your-own farm. As all of our fields are located within the town of Needham limits, space is at a premium. Therefore we need to be very careful with our multiple crops and attempt to harvest as much as possible from them and we want our staff to control what is harvested and when. We do invite customers to join us in the field for various tours during the season.

What is Volante Farms identification policy for alcohol sales?

Volante Farms is pleased to now offer Craft Beer & Wine in its farmstand. In conjunction with the Needham Board of Selectmen and Needham Police,  we have agreed use to an ID policy that requires a valid MA state license be scanned by our registers for authentication. This information is not used for any purpose beyond protecting our staff and the community from illegal sales. Additionally, as a proud employer of workers of all ages, many of them under 21, not all registers are open to alcohol sales. These will be clearly labeled. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your understanding.