It’s tree weekend! If you have been wondering if it was time to come out and get your tree, well yes now is the time. We will have all hands on deck this weekend to help you choose, carry, cut and tie down the perfect tree on your vehicle so that you can begin to celebrate the holidays at your house, like we have been doing here for what seems like forever now.

Snowy weekends put us in the mood for trees!

There are still hundreds of Frasier Fir, Balsam Fir, Scotch Pine, and Fralsam Fir Mixes to choose from. Plus we have been getting in regular deliveries of wreaths to decorate yourself or take home with our custom designs on them. There are fresh colorful poinsettias, amaryllis, and wonderful mixed containers perfect for quick, easy and gorgeous gifting.

Be sure to visit the Farmstand to see all the wonderful Christmas and Hanukkah candy, and visit our beautiful Gingerbread farm stand, painstaking produced by Pastry Chef Jen over the last few weeks . She had her architect sister draw up plans from photos of the building and take them to a local print shop to print and design the building blocks to make a scaled replica. It is 100% edible and well beyond that in beauty. You will find it right inside the Farmstand doors by the big tree and next to the free apple cider we will be mulling there all weekend.

All lit up.


Find more photos of the Gingerbread Farmstand in our Facebook gallery.

You might have noticed but as you are planning out your gifting this season don’t forget to check in our trim a tree shop and farm stand for the many local art pieces by some of our area artist. Fruit and Gift baskets are available now too. See samples of them in the Farmstand and place your order with a cashier or right here on the website.

Kay Cahill’s handmade porcelain ornaments provide a unique gift option for the holidays.

Chef Todd has put together a special Hanukkah Menu to help your holiday table be filled with easy traditional foods this week. If you need a hand putting something special on the table, be sure to stop by and ask Todd how he can helpĀ  you. The following options will be available in our refrigerator chest through the season:

  • Broccolini with Garlic
  • Garlic and Herb Roasted Potatoes
  • Grilled Lemon Chicken
  • Honey Citrus Salmon
  • Slow-cooked Beef Brisket
  • And make sure you stop by our bakery for our assorted Rugelach!


Speaking of the holiday, know a special person in the area who just loves our doughnuts, coffee, deli sandwiches or gardening and fresh produce? Don’t forget to consider a gift card for your loved one this season: now available online or in the store. Stocking stuffers don’t get much easier!

We are well into December and still have a lot to be thankful for here at Volante’s. While the frost is getting a little deeper every night, we are still finding fresh produce out in the fields to fill your holiday tables. this week we just finally finished off our cauliflower and broccoli crops and last weekend saw the last of our homegrown carrots and beets as well, not because of the weather, just because we picked them all! So thank you for being such ardent supporters of your local farm that you have just cleaned the shelves.

The good news is that there are still farm fresh Brussels sprouts and parsnips available. Seems like they should make it through Christmas based on current sales. Then oddly two crops that had disappeared for a while have resurfaced, lettuce and radishes. We covered a few crops of lettuce and though they seemed they were going to be to small to ever harvest, the warm weather at the beginning of last week gave them one more little spurt and now we have a new product on our December shelves, boxes of baby lettuce heads in single variety or mixed options. Each box looks like the ones we offer our baby greens in but instead have three or four mini heads of Boston, Romaine, Red leaf, or Green leaf in them. A wonderful way to get a crisp summer green on cold winter nights.

Last pick of this year’s cauliflower and broccoli. You’ve seen this shot a lot this year, but somehow it’s still producing in December!

Upcoming Events:

Monday: On the Edge Knife Sharpening 2-5 pm Patti Small sharpens your kitchen knives for the holidays from her mobile sharpening unit in our parking lot.

Dec 15 & 16 Needham Euphonium Ensemble performs, see Events schedule by clicking above.