Volante Farms Local Meat CSA

How Does It Work?

We are excited to offer 3 month CSA shares for $300. This includes 10-12 lbs of local meat once each month, butchered and sealed, all frozen at time of pickup. A typical share consists of 2-4 lbs of ground meat, 3-5 lbs of roasts, and 5-6 lbs of steaks/chops.

Since this is our first-ever CSA, our early adopters can expect some awesome freebies, too!

Once a month we will get a delivery of fresh whole hogs, beef, lamb or chicken. We will break them down into home kitchen-friendly cuts and divide them up among the CSA share boxes, making sure everyone is receiving more or less the same amount of ground meat, roasts and chops.

Since some cuts are very limited (such as hanger steaks, tenderloin, etc.) we are unable to take requests for specific cuts but we will ensure that nobody gets the short end of the “hog”. Organ meat and off-cuts are available upon request for an additional charge.

Why Local Meat?

By buying whole animals directly from the farmers who raise them, we are able to support local agriculture and ensure that our adventurous home cooks have direct access to humanely raised local meat, all while keeping our prices fair for the farmer and for you, our customers.

2017 Pickup Days

Sat. July 15th: Pork

from Royalton Farms in South Royalton, VT

Royalton Farms is family owned and operated, providing local pork that is raised safely, humanely, and sustainably. They employ a highly-managed rotational grazing program for all their pigs, resulting in a better end product.

Their Berkshire Pork is known to be England’s oldest pig breed. The juiciness, flavor, tenderness, heavy intramuscular marbling and high fat content make Berkshire Pork the “Kobe beef” of the pork industry.

Sat. August 19th: Beef

from Weatherlow Farms in Westport, MA

Weatherlow Farms encompasses 200 acres of pasture, field, and woodlands. Their animals are always on high quality pasture and treated with respect. They believe their biologically active soils are the secret to delivering beef that is packed full of vital nutrition. Their farming practices allow them to honor the special relationship between optimal soil health, animal health and human health.

Sat. September 16th: Chicken, Lamb, Pork, and Beef

from Featherbrook Farm in Raynham, MA

and Watherlow Farms in Westport, MA.

Handling everything from start to finish, the folks at Featherbrook Farm specialize in poultry. Owner Tad Largey hand-feeds his small flocks, processes his birds humanely (which he believes adds to the flavor in the end), packages them safely, and delivers orders to our farm himself. His chicken is said to have the same melt-in-your-mouth qualities as filet mignon!

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