Things are winding down for the Fall Harvest, every morning brings  a little touch of frost to a new part of the field. Halloween must be right around the corner! To get in the spirit we want to try something  a little different this year. We are so excited to be open right through the fall and Holiday Season now, we want to decorate and we don’t want to wait for Christmas!

We love our Hay Man, but he needs some friends. Come join us for our first ever Pumpkin Fest this Saturday, starting at 2 pm. We are having a carving party with the hopes of scooping and carving 500 pumpkins to place around the farm for a twilight stroll. We hope you’ll join us for this event simply for the fun of getting in the Halloween Spirit, but the added bonus is that we wanted to use it to raise money for a very worthy cause, Boston Children’s Hospital.

We are asking that you donate $5 for each pumpkin you carve to benefit the surgical department at Boston Children’s Hospital. We’ll do the hard work of scooping out and cleaning the pumpkins, you and your family only need to bring the creativity. We’ll have marking crayons, kid safe carvers, and a lot of friendly helpful hands to turn your pumpkins into works of art.

We will then take the pumpkins and spread them along the sidewalk gardens of the farm and as it gets dark, right around 6 pm these days, we will light them all for everyone to enjoy.

We usually close at 6 pm on Saturdays but because we wanted to be able to enjoy the fruits f our labor, the farm will remain open until 7 this Saturday night. Wine and Beer will still close at 6 pm, but Ice Cream will be open late, so lets hope for a warm night and you can enjoy some pumpkin ice cream or a warm apple crisp sundae to enjoy with your lit pumpkin stroll.

The idea for this fundraiser is based on our own history, several years ago we partnered with the Life is Good charities to carve pumpkins for the big jack o lantern lighting on the Boston Common. It was so much fun, but when they stopped their festival we didn’t have an outlet for our carving skills, now that we are open through Halloween, we have the perfect space to display Jack o Lanterns on our own, and really hope you’ll join us and help raise funds for Boston Children’s Hospital, a real Fun-draiser.

Below are some photos from the last carving party we had, nearly 10 years ago! Come help us make some new memories.