Volante Farms Celebrates 100th Year with New Cookbook

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 To celebrate this centennial year, the Volante family is marking the monumental occasion with The Volante Farms Cookbook: A Century of Growing.

Fresh from Italy, Peter Volante got his start in 1917 by trucking his homegrown produce from his Newton farm to Boston’s city markets each morning. (In 1962, the family moved their operations and home to what they called “the sticks of Needham.”) Today, the community comes to the farm, which features acres of productive fields, state-of-the-art greenhouses, and a massive, year-round farmstand overflowing with all varieties of fruits and vegetables and outfitted with a full-service deli, bakery, and ice cream counter.

The Volante Farms Cookbook offers a fresh, behind-the-scenes look at the farm’s exceptional bounty along with wisdom for maximizing those homegrown flavors. The cookbook also shares the four generations of family history that led to the farm’s extraordinary success and longevity, with stories, photographs, and the Volante family’s heirloom recipes.

“Our dedicated staff and the support we’ve received from the community have helped our business succeed for the last century,” says Teri Volante Boardman. “This book is a tribute to that.”

Enduring fluctuating economic climates, competition from nearby grocery chains, and a shifting agricultural landscape, Volante Farms remains as popular as ever, attracting gardeners, local food lovers, and large lunchtime crowds. In recent years, the family has invited the community to dine with them at their beloved Dinner in the Field series—an event that sells out within hours each year. Fans of the farm will find that same level of inspiration and creativity in the cookbook. Packed with over 100 recipes for vibrant salads, hearty soups, inventive dinners, and plenty of fresh flavors, the cookbook serves as a delicious field guide to using the homegrown produce from Volante Farms or from your local family farmstand.

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